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Wire machine commonly used to cut off the way?

by:Ragos     2021-04-10
Wire forming machine can achieve various wire bending forming, and wire the entire manufacturing processes is feeding, straightening, bending forming, cutting, cutting off is the final step, wire forming wire machine commonly used to cut off the way? Cut wire forming machine is the whole process is very important one annulus, cut off the stand or fall of performance will affect the overall machining efficiency and machining precision, forming quality, and at present there are servo wire forming machine used to cut off the way cut off, hydraulic shear cutting two kinds, the following two kinds of nc to summary to cut off the way difference: servo cut off: this is a kind of servo control method of cutting wire, speed reducer is installed in the middle, fast, lightweight, strong, cutting surface smooth level off, cut thick wire diameter of products is also very easy, have solved the problem of high failure rate, cutting convenient, improve the production efficiency. Hydraulic shear cutting off: the cut off the way the same as the hydraulic expander, into the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic fluid pressure on the piston. Hydraulic shear cutting head with big, not suitable for precise cutting. If long time use hydraulic shear to break thick wire diameter, it is easy to cause the oil or other glitches. Above two kinds of cutting methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, the use of servo cut off would be a better choice, wire metal sheet forming machine manufacture process each link is very important, these are all factors of wire forming machine can not be ignored, the choose and buy CNC can provide more high quality wire forming machine equipment, to achieve more efficient, higher precision of wire rod processing and forming, welcome customers have the demand relation consultation!
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