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Wire forming machine to send wire frame failure how to solve?

by:Ragos     2021-04-07
Wire forming machine is very commonly used wire processing industry automation equipment, including wire feeding frame is an important part of a wire forming machine, its relationship with wire automatic transmission processing, wire forming machine to send wire frame failure how to solve? Wire forming machine to send wire frame if a fault occurs, will affect the quality of the wire rod processing effect and efficiency, need in a timely manner corresponding solutions: 1, when wire metal sheet forming machine start, wire feeding frame work light shows no information, also there is no alarm, need to check to send wire frame of the power switch is in the closed situation, into the switch power is there, if the working voltage requirement of working voltage, the fuse tube have been damaged; 2, upon confirmation of wire forming machine to send wire frame in the case of electricity, but your line frame is not turns, should check whether send wire frame motor can run, removing the belt machine, soft starter have alarm query, without warning, immediately moved around the soft starter; 3, when the wire forming machine to send wire frame did not have the effect of synchronous wire feeding, check the line frame relay in the circuit board is burned, if the relay working lamp has been bright, is the failure problems need to be replaced; 4, when the wire forming machine switches, does not appear to see whether the information on the frequency & other Wire frame common failures & throughout; This kind of words, when we have to check the toggle switch box support bar is touched with the induction switch on both sides of the photograph, if not, to adjust to touch or changing a induction switch. Above is wire metal sheet forming machine wire feeding more common fault condition, failure to send wire frame must be timely to carry on the corresponding solutions, or it will affect the normal production of the enterprise. If the difficult cannot solve should contact the manufacturer to provide assistance. Dongguan CNC as domestic professional line molding equipment manufacturers, in addition to providing customers with more high quality wire metal sheet forming machine, will provide customers with perfect after-sales service!
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