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Wire forming machine processing of wire rod quality instability is what reason?

by:Ragos     2021-04-09
Wire forming machine is the realization of wire rod and high precision processing equipment, but will often present to produce products in the production process is not stable, or accuracy can not meet the requirements of the situation, the wire forming machine processing of wire rod quality instability is what reason? For wire forming machine, unstable product quality or accuracy problems that may be a performance problem with the device itself, also do not have the right to good debugging equipment is likely to be the engineer, the reason is mainly manifested in the following aspects: wire forming machine commissioning does not reach the designated position, mainly involves the following several aspects: (1) wire problem, check the wire size is in line with the cutter size; (2) cutting tool production problems, check the accuracy and quality of the cutting tool. (3) line round not flat; (4) the height of the Angle the knife is not adjusted in place; (5) wire forming machine Angle core is not good; In addition to debug the problem of wire forming machine, it is also possible that the stability of the equipment and performance cannot be achieved, caused different manufacturer brand wire forming machine in the production processing line diameter, machining accuracy, such as performance is different, if your product wire is beyond the scope of the equipment processing wire diameter, or equipment performance cannot meet the requirements of machining precision, this will affect the final quality. If the equipment in operation process is not stable, at the same time also will influence the quality of the wire rod processing. The current wire forming machine can apply hard lines 2 diameter range. 0 - 8. 5 ( MM) , it is suitable for soft lines diameter 3. 0 - 16. 0 ( MM) , the innovation about the internal model can up and down and spin technology, can be the bending precision of wire forming machine again within 1 degree high, can achieve higher precision of the processing. And USES the belt transmission mode, can reduce send the weight of the box, reducer, transmission motor, thus reduce the jitter of equipment as a whole, better processing stability, the technology innovation can be solved to improve the quality of equipment processing. To solve equipment processing wire rod quality instability, in addition to suitable for high quality wire metal sheet forming machine, also need to correct debugging operation of equipment, can provide new technology of high quality wire forming machine!
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