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Wire forming machine before use for debugging?

by:Ragos     2021-04-10
With the speeding up of the industrial automation process, has been gradually used in the field of wire processing machine instead of manual, wire metal sheet forming machine is currently can realize high automation equipment of wire forming, the wire forming machine before use for debugging? Wire metal sheet forming machine is efficient automation high precision wire processing equipment, in order to ensure the quality and efficiency of wire processing, in the equipment before use must carry on the corresponding debugging: adjust the wire rack: put wire forming machine thread stand to the left of the fully automatic wire metal sheet forming machine, wire frame 20 - slightly higher than the machine surface 40厘米( According to the length of the wire) 30 cm away from the machine surface, adjusted to a suitable location ( With molding machine into a parallel lines, about 30 cm) from the machine surface 。 Installation of wires, wire after wire feeding shelf, turning device, wire feeding wheel to knuckle forming area, the automatic wire forming machine wire installed; Equipment debugging: according to the shape of the bending products, set its parameters on the computer and manual adjustment of the product shape, first to be manually debugging to finished products during the process of bending and accuracy can meet the requirements, can be replaced with full automatic production. To pass, after the completion of product testing, product commissioning & quot; Testing & quot; Button to test whether the program is correct, after confirmed, a product is manufactured by the wire forming machine to run automatically, put the product on the corresponding fixture, check whether the product is standard, the place for the wrong size ( Angle Angle, direction and Angle, length, etc. ) Modified on the computer, adjustment; Check the production stability: wire forming machine, after the completion of debugging need 10 - trial production 20, see the stability of the product and changes, such as unstable after the need to find out why modified ( Not only can modify in the program, can also be by modifying the tool to make products stable) , the product can be put into production after the steady production, the production process for product sampling, to ensure that manufactured products are qualified. Above is required before wire forming machine for debugging, equipment debugging to ensure efficiency and quality of wire rod processing, CNC as large domestic wire forming equipment manufacturer, can provide more high quality of 2 d / 3 d wire forming machine, welcome the demand of customers contact us.
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