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What is causing unqualified punch die

by:Ragos     2021-05-31
When using press brake machine for production, mold design reasonable or not relationship with the accuracy of the machining accuracy, not qualified not only influence the machining precision of press brake machine die, will also bring certain influence to the production, so, what causes punch die not reasonable? 1, the unqualified raw materials of punch die. In some of the pitfalls of material, can use various methods to eliminate the loose organization with material segregation and carbon can be improved by forging. 2 parts, punch die design is unreasonable, can cause the vacuum quenching cracking should avoid sharp corners, edges, to avoid punch factory avoid uneven thickness, lower roughness. Sharp corners and edges of some parts of the vacuum quenching stress is one of the most concentrated areas, with sharp and blunt edge rounded corners or the horse. Part of the gauge is common, but the gap is too general can lead to deformation or cracking. Rough machined surface may directly result in the crack of the vacuum quenching, especially high alloy steel is more sensitive. 3, strict enforcement of heat treatment process, take effective measures to prevent heat, oxidation, overheating, burning. Temperature control instrument accurately regular inspection or replacement of the heating and cooling medium. 4, can be characterized as a complex cavity perforation after heat treatment does not need to rework, or only partially polishing, to optimize the heat treatment process, in order to prevent quenching deformation.
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