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What circumstances need to punching machine maintenance

by:Ragos     2021-05-27
When talking about what the press brake machine maintenance, for operating the user or manufacturer is hard to say, some machines have been used many years also not bad, some use and stopping, no big problem, small trouble, how to judge? From the following several aspects: 1. To press brake machine the user operation and basic inspection training, press brake machine usage has changed, the users put forward for repair. 2. Equipment maintenance personnel for routine patrol inspection, found that abnormal confirm maintenance record. 3. Timing ( Generally for 1 to 2 years) Replaced machine oil, found serious leak repair immediately, so as to avoid driving part damage. 4. Timely inspection, maintenance abnormal lubrication oil, otherwise it will cause with the wear and tear. 5. Safety device and circuit immediately when abnormal downtime for maintenance, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. 6. Appearance of unknown different sound different heat stop using immediately, look for professional maintenance personnel check the judging process. In short, the use of press brake machine repair and maintenance need to be responsibility clear, prevention first, can realize the maximization of the machine safety operation and benefit maximum meet production needs.
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