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What are the procedures detailed manual bending machine?

by:Ragos     2021-04-13
Manual operating procedures including of bending machine? Specifically, mainly includes the following content, as follows: the preparation before operation, operation requirements, the machine as well as the maintenance of the process, each part has a lot of rules, is now a small make up for the specific introduction, through the introduction, you will understand the operating procedures manual bending machine. 1. Preparation before operation, 1) Check whether an obstruction on the machine and the surrounding clean. ( 2) Check whether the device is operating normally. ( 3) Check on the installation of the knife mould pressure is correct. ( 4) Wear the necessary labor protection articles. 2. Requirements ( 1) Operating personnel must go through the manual bending machine training, abide by the machine tool industry general safety rules, don't know anything about this machine's structure, performance, technical parameters and operation requirement, it is forbidden to operate the machine. ( 2) Sheet metal bending must concentrate, in case when bending sheet metal cock cuts. ( 3) Found the workpiece during operation should be parking and location is not straight, it is forbidden to run correction in case of hand in hand. ( 4) When used to focus, forbidden to hand in mould pressing knife of danger. ( 5) Ban bending over thick iron or steel, high alloy steel, square steel quenching far and more than the performance of sheet metal bending machine sheet metal, so as to avoid damage to the equipment. 3. Machine operation steps ( 1) Boot before inspection. ( 2) Installed on the mould pressing knife and orientation, and adjust the limit position. ( 3) Into the workpiece clamping sheet metal bending processing. ( 4) Rise after bending out good workpiece bent into a new workpiece bending homework again. 4. Maintenance ( 1) Check whether positioning device, mould pressing knife, fastener tighten, tighten the loose screw. ( 2) Manual bending machine to each part of the filling lubricating oil lubrication requirements. ( 3) Clean up the manual bending machine dust and oil pollution.
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