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What are the outstanding performance advantages wire forming machine?

by:Ragos     2021-04-02
3 d wire forming machine in wuxi taihu GongBoHui during the show, with the use of advanced equipment of the new technology has attracted many onlookers of the exhibition and advisory negotiations, what are the outstanding performance advantages that wire forming machine? In the industrial development of driven by smart, connected, the pursuit of intelligent manufacturing is accuracy and efficiency, so through the wire forming machine of technology innovation by the favor of many customers, its technical advantage embodies in the following aspects: 1, the turn without motor technology innovation, can not achieve line can rotate 360 degrees, and turning arm without the motor, the overall load lighter has significantly increased, operation speed, production speed higher than domestic counterparts equipment more than 20%; Around 2, internal model can be up and down and spin technology, can rotate internal model to support multiple R Angle of a forming, make the equipment operation more easy and convenient, at the same time can be wire forming machine bending again within 1 degree, high precision can achieve higher precision of the processing; 3, wire forming machine adopts belt transmission method, can reduce send the weight of the box, reducer, transmission motor, which can improve operational efficiency of the press brake machine, reduce the jitter of equipment as a whole, better processing stability; 4, wire forming machine with multiple sets of servo motor and reducer, imported from Japan with high precision is a maintenance free, also with German import conveyor belt, bearings/gear/guide/screw and other important parts adopt Japan/Taiwan imported accessories, high precision, good stability, durability is not deformation; Dongguan CNC as large domestic wire molding equipment manufacturers, in recent years, has focused on 3 d wire forming machine research and development innovation, research and development team after in-depth cooperation and overseas r&d design team of engineers, breach the technical bulwark implementation innovation unceasingly, at present can provide domestic with foreign brands of high-end wire forming machine equipment!
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