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What are the important structure of the wire forming machine parts?

by:Ragos     2021-04-08
Wire forming machine is high precision wire processing automation equipment, its main body has many important system components, these will directly affect the performance of the equipment and processing quality, what are the important structure of the wire forming machine parts? Wire metal sheet forming machine structure is important part of the introduction, the body parts, wire forming machine main body is composed of base, the body bracket, straightening mechanism, wire feeding structure, the structure of the variable diameter, pitch control structure, and to cut off the structure and working panel, such as organic link, can realize wire feeding, straightening, bending, cutting and other wire automatic processing process. Electrical part of the electrical parts: wire forming machine is an important guarantee of equipment normal operation, the main by the controller, the operating system, power components, memory, bus, switches, data input/output interface, transformer, inverter, servo motors and drives, etc; The controller and the operating system as the automatic wire metal sheet forming machine & other Throughout the brain &; , servo motor and drive the machine & other; Throughout the nervous system &; , which has a great influence on the operation stability of the wire forming machine. Transmission device: mainly by closed gear transmission and lubrication part of the wire forming machine, etc, and the drive mechanism includes servo motor, gears, bearings, ball screw, or belt and so on, its relationship with normal driving operation of the equipment. The auxiliary device: mainly includes the body of the slide, guide rail, bearing, cutter, tool rest, fixtures, tools and wire feeding frame parts, such as these are part of the accessories of wire forming machine set, these parts quality of wire forming machine machining precision and efficiency of operation has a great influence. Above is an important structure of wire forming machine equipment parts, wire metal sheet forming machine on the market choice is numerous, the equipment quality and performance differences mainly caused by the several parts, dongguan CNC as large domestic wire molding equipment manufacturers, in recent years, has focused on wire forming machine research and development innovation, can provide more high quality wire forming machine.
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