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What are the common line spring machine installation process?

by:Ragos     2021-03-16
In order to effectively improve the production efficiency, the choice of many spring factory will purchase wire spring machine, press brake machine but for the first time use turn line customers, occasionally have some trouble in the equipment installation process problems, the transfer line what are the common problems spring machine installation process? Installed after the restart again want to retype password: this may be the computer system lock problems, at this time can get in touch with spring factory, and get the boot password to solve. Line spring machine system during boot and reset alarm information: half an hour before the boot can't reset occur, this usually happens in the winter environmental temperature is too low, from the internal oil solidification or viscosity increases, resulting in spring machine run obstacle, because spring machine adopts the most current turn line are imported servo motor, the demands of the environment temperature is 0 ~ 40 ℃ without solidification, when machine run half an hour later, the fuselage after preheating, this phenomenon will disappear naturally. For this kind of situation can improve the workshop environment temperature or oil change! Line spring machine control system happen: such many factors: (1) the power if there is a problem (2) servo motor encoder circuit issues related to echoes, (3) write the country spring processing has a problem (4) ac servo control board and related circuit problem (5) all kinds of control line cable, terminal has a problem. Above are all possible factors, specific detailed inspection of equipment is needed, you can check the power supply, circuit and joint is unusual, in a timely manner to correct. Is more than several line spring machine during the installation process more common problems, problems can make spring vendors would provide after-sale assistance, dongguan CNC currently, in addition to being able to provide customers with more high quality spring machine equipment, will provide customers with perfect after-sales maintenance guarantee!
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