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What are the CNC punching machine maintenance skills?

by:Ragos     2021-01-12
In addition to depends on the reasonable mould structure, use fixed number of year punch CNC tooling, manufacturing of high precision, heat treatment and the right choice the influence factors of punch press mold installation accuracy, effect is good, proper use and maintenance of mould is an important link, the following points should be paid attention to: ( 1) Mould installation should strictly check before use to remove dirt, guide sleeve, mould check whether good lubrication. ( 2) Regularly to punch turntable and check the mold base installation, ensure upper and lower wheel alignment precision. ( 3) Installation program according to the mold will die and press brake machine wheel installation and ensure the punching die in the same direction, especially as ( The circular and square) Die requirements must work hard, to prevent wrong and reverse loading. ( 4) Die after installation, should check the fastening screw locking mould installation base. The punch and die cutting ( 5) Press mold edge wear should stop using, and promptly sharpening, henan press will rapidly expanding mold edge wear, accelerated wear and tear, reduce the quality of the press brake machine and die life. For general use mould of batch production ( 6) , should be backup to spinning production, ensure the production need. ( 7) Use soft metal mould installation should ( Such as copper, aluminum, etc. ) Operating tools to prevent the detonation of the installation process, up to the mold damage. In the process of transportation to should take put down gently, death ( 8) And shall not touch the blade and guide avoid damaging mould. ( 9) Mould should be promptly returned to the specified location after use, and the oil antirust processing. ( 10) Ensure the service life of mould, should also be replaced periodically die springs, to prevent the use of spring fatigue damage to the mold. 0 in the mold using common problem
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