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What are the benefits of using national standard type punch

by:Ragos     2021-05-23
What are the benefits using national standard type press brake machine? National standard type punch refers to punch in the process of design and production completely in accordance with the unified national technical requirements, no less, don't lose weight, its components with a wildcard in the same kind of machine. That is to say, in order to achieve the aim of the final processing equipment, punch press manufacturers use the reasonable material achieve the best effect. There are many kinds of press brake machine on the market, buyers buy gb model also has, of course, buy not mark is not in minority, let's focus on using national standard type punch what are the benefits? National standard punch stamping with high speed and efficiency, on the price, is a little higher, according to the different equipment, the specific tonnage price also is not the same. Compared with low price and quality of general type of non-standard precision punch, using national standard type punch the benefits of basically has the following several aspects: first, the national standard punch punching is very safe, thus avoiding the inductrial injury events in the homework. At the same time, the operation is simple, no strict technical requirements to operating personnel, effectively reduce the manual operation cost time and money. Second, national standard type punch stamping speed is very fast, is several times of artificial stamping speed, the distance between the stamping is small, can reach 0. 6mm。 Third, national standard type punch can finished work, don't need rotary plate, also can adjust speed, has the characteristics of the precise and efficient. Equipping, 4 gb punching machine parts with a wildcard, have unified standard and technical specification parameters, the late for replacement parts and maintenance convenience, save time and effort, don't delay production schedule.
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