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What are national standard punch and non-standard punch type and difference

by:Ragos     2021-04-04
type is introduced: a. J21-serial open-style national norms. J23 series mechanical press ( ) From 6. 3 t to 400 t, complete varieties series, can be combined to provide users with supporting services. The machine can be widely used for blanking. Punching. Shallow drawing. To shape. Twists and turns, etc all kinds of cold stamping process, the most widely used is the current domestic metalforming equipment, popularization of the largest leading products. two The specification. Special press ( ) : this is based on industry characteristics and the different needs of users, the appeal to Germany. Japan and other foreign advanced technology, research and development, product unique, adaptability. Targeted. National standard and national standard punch differences: 1, the tonnage of different commonly used specifications have 16 tons of punch press tonnage, 25 tons press brake machine press, 40 tons press brake machine, etc. , if be 23 tons of models, is right or wrong standard, if want to specification only select adjacent 25 tons. 2, different processing technology on the gb press brake machine in the process of production, the processing technology of every type has a specification, JB21 series punching machine, for example, is the steel plate welding fuselage, JC23 non-standard series punch is casting body. design principle is a circular motion into general press brake machine for the straight line, the output by the main motor, drive the flywheel, clutch driven gear, crankshaft, Or offset gear) , connecting rod, such as operation, to achieve the linear motion of the slider, from the main motor to the rod movement in circular motion. 3, specification parameters on the different national standard punch all the parameters are unified regulations of the state, different manufacturers of the same type punch press, is the same as the parameter. Non-standard punch parameters have different degrees of difference. 4, different national standard is in accordance with national standard specification to production, punching parts interchangeability, easy to repair. Is non-standard manufacturers of their own design, or customer order, inconvenient repair, spare parts, replacement is not convenient. Extending reading: how do you know a press brake machine is gb still right and wrong, mark? First of all, the GB GB is the strength and durability of equipment and precision to do some of the specifications. Domestic big brands are doing in the national standard. A target is mostly small brand production, the same tonnage, lathe bed lighter, less material, everywhere have weakened, in order to reduce costs. In fact you use tonnage meter to test, tonnage is to achieve the nominal tonnage, but long-term or higher frequency of full load operation, machine tool carries the risk of cracking and precision of teamship faster. If you want to see at a glance when gb is right or wrong, it is still a watch brand to the fastest. The big brands, their machine is national standard. Small brand is whether lathe bed is thick, some machine looks very thin and must be right and wrong. 15 and 30 should be right or wrong mark. Old punch press tonnage is commonly used for 6. 3,10,16,25,35,40,63,80; Pneumatic clutch punch, also is the new punch, commonly used tonnage is 25,45,60,80,110,125,160
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