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WeChat response to engine type double hydraulic press by mistake

by:Ragos     2021-03-21
Flubbed WeChat translation by netizens exposure appear problem, tencent WeChat team has released on its official micro response with a Sunday afternoon, said because the translation engine training in translation have no wrong informal English vocabulary, cause the translation problems, is currently in the emergency repair. 1, the cold bending hydraulic press molding line: such as cold bending line, car side baffle auto longeron production line, the color steel plate production line configuration such as special hydraulic press molding line blades, etc. 2 hydraulic press brake machine blade, flat blade: shear are of good quality, small distortion but shear force big energy consumption, more mechanical transmission of the hydraulic press blade upper and lower blade used in parallel to each other at the beginning of the hot rolling shear rolling. 3, plate kaiping line in hydraulic presses the blade: plank open-book leveling line, in order to meet production line speed of shear requirement and design of high speed hydraulic press brake machine blade, thick plate online much for fluid pressure high speed hydraulic press brake machine blade, thin line with pneumatic punching machine blade; High-speed line is equipped with a flying shear blades, continuous yield shear, high efficiency. Sunday morning, a netizen revealed from WeChat translation errors within the App screenshots, some of which involves the celebrity stars such as content, translation result is similar to a parody.
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