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Used wire bending machine malfunction should how to deal with?

by:Ragos     2021-04-07
At present, such as auto parts, hutch defends hardware, wire craft, business super shelves, garden tools, furniture, chairs, and other industries, mostly use wire bending machine to replace manual production. We all know that no matter what machine, we are in the process of using, will encounter big and small fault, need to be handled in a timely manner. Today, and share it with wire bending machine in the process of using common faults and response, hope to help everyone. 1, line cutting knife to cut off the also continue to send when we meet with this kind of situation, probably because the Y axis motor wire bending machine out of control, the first thing to boot boot device, carefully observe the wire feeding motor, if there's a slight rotation motor, when off line plug, too, that might be the interference caused by the servo motor rotation, and then carefully check whether the ground of the servo drive is loose, caused by loose screen cap in place is not easy to produce this kind of interference. The solution to this problem is locking the ground wire to trial. 2, boot reset alarm winter boot reset always appear when the alarm, not complex, this situation is obviously with 3 d wire bending machine's temperature, servo motor is 0 - to the requirement of environment 40 degrees without solidification, due to the low temperature, the machine internal oil solidification or viscosity increases, run obstacle, half an hour later the fuselage hot, problems disappear naturally. Meet our solution to this problem is: to improve the production workshop environment temperature or an oil change. 3, the diameter of wire rod, wire bending machine appear this kind of circumstance may be irregular shape curve of the slot is too small, the installation position is wrong, the use of the conductor plate time is too long, slot size of wear and tear. The solution is: operation staff should often check curve and the conductor plate in good condition, if quality problems, please be replaced in a timely manner.
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