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Suggestions on China's machine tool industry

by:Ragos     2021-06-08
( 1) Suggested that the relevant departments as soon as possible release machine tool industry development policies. Industrial development policy to prospective, scientific nature and operability, to correctly guide industry development. ( 2) Suggested that the government formulate supporting policies and measures, strive to speed up the development of high-performance features. Encourage host machine tool manufacturing enterprises adopt domestic features and users to buy domestic features of nc machine tools. ( 3) As soon as possible after VAT first introduced the numerical control machine tool return policy alternative. To expand the scale of government procurement, encourage national order and the use of key projects in China, especially the first the first set of CNC press brake machine tools. To produce their own CNC equipment value-added tax shall be refunded. ( 4) Formulated to encourage enterprise merger and reorganization of cross-regional, cross-trade and cross-ownership policies and measures to properly solve the surplus personnel placement, debt and disposal of check and ratify, fiscal and taxation problem such as distribution of interests, to finance the restructuring of enterprises related discount loans and other support. ( 5) Suggested the government to further improve the financial credit policy, such as adjustment of nc machine tool equipment import and export policies, encourage domestic machine tool products exports. Hope the relevant government departments to strengthen the guidance of enterprise acquisitions overseas work and support of overseas mergers and acquisitions business operation.
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