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Stepper motor in the numerical control punch press working principle in the field of application

by:Ragos     2021-06-13
Despite the stepper motor is a lot of more phyletic, the basic principle of the essence is consistent. Now with three-phase reactive stepping motor as an example, illustrates its working principle. In three of the stepper motor stator poles, it around has exciting winding, called A phase, 8 and C phase respectively. With isometric small teeth on the rotor, There are four teeth in figure) 。 If the addition of A first on electrical impulses, the rotor of A 1, 3 two teeth were poles attract and aligned with the magnetic pole, then add those B on electrical impulses that has phase pole draws the nearest 2, 4 teeth in the past, so that the rotor along the counterclockwise around 30 & deg; 。 In the same way, such as the addition of C on electrical impulses, the rotor and turned 30 & deg; 。 Then will A combined electrical impulses, the rotor continues to turn 30 & deg; 。 So so. According to the A→ B→ C→ 一个。 。 。 In electricity, stepper motor as counterclockwise rotation. Step by step electric machine machine size, the output torque can be divided into fast stepper motor and stepper motor power: according to the number of excitation phase can be divided into three phase, four, five, six or even eight phase stepper motor, etc. ; According to its working principle is divided into magnetic Pao and reactive stepper motor.
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