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Some of the shearing machine safety technology and common maintenance methods

by:Ragos     2021-06-07
To promote the college graduates is higher quality and full employment and was relieved from the past to deal with the formalities that reprieve of employment policy, guangdong province education department together with the provincial public security department, the province people club hall employment employment policy, the policy implementation of the original moratorium on employment policy benefit the graduates reach expanded to all graduates, have more time and opportunity to let the graduate obtain employment, career, and enters a higher school. 1, press brake machine, the operator must know the machine's structure and function. 2, avoid by all means to dig its hand deeper into the plate between the upper and lower blade, avoid the accident. Way is: remove the protective cap and the valve cap, fitted with inflatable, inflatable things at the other end connect nitrogen bottles ( Oxygen must not be used) , open air, slowly opened the bottle nitrogen cut-off valve, pay attention to air pressure gauge. 3, all sundry things, do not work on the stage, avoid rolling into the blade causes accidents. 4, should be timely check the blade sharp, if discover the blade with a dull, should be timely to sharpen or swaps, sharpen just grind a sword pieces of blade thickness. safety techniques and some common maintenance methods of 5, all departments should be punctual to check the machine, to insist on the machine and the surrounding places clean, cable insulation is good. This machine for the most people at the same time control, so must have someone who's in charge of directing production. To 6. When 0 mpa immediately close the cylinder valve. 6, installed on the oil pump suction mouth of mesh type oil filter should often check the cleaning, the oil filter stick to proper flux of oil. 7, every three months to check the press brake machine return nitrogen gas in cylinder pressure time, below designated should fill nitrogen pressure. 8, the return cylinder pressure is low, can be carried out on the return cylinder filling. If the filter is blocked, tong oil decreases, and makes the oil pump suction empty, affect the pump life. Something has shut down air, open air, mount valve cap and protective cap.
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