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Some hydraulic punching machine structure has a characteristic that is pretty

by:Ragos     2021-01-29
In order to let us know and understand better hydraulic press brake machine, let it play the important effect, understand the brief structure, play the important effect, let hydraulic press manufacturer under the detailed introduction: hydraulic press brake machine adopts the high performance of infinitely variable speed spindle and traditional servo system, and the equipment transmission structure is greatly simplified, transmission chain is shortened greatly, and habit is to continue to produce automation of machining and progress rate, mechanical structure has high static precision and dynamic stiffness and damping, and high wear resistance, thermal deformation is small. There is some structure of the hydraulic press is distinctive, appropriate, for example: 1, the guide pillar die set is guide pin, guide sleeve sliding formwork. 2, the die is mounted on a pressure machine is used to produce stamping process installation, by our new cooperation of upper and lower two parts. Plays directly constitute 3, press brake machine die stamping effect of convex parts, i. e. , according to the shape of the parts of the homework appearance. 4, guide is with fine slippery with inner hole press brake machine plate parts, to ensure that aim of convex die and concave die each other, and discharging effect. Through the above introduction, let's equipment used on hydraulic presses have a certain understanding, so that we can improve its operational, yield rate of progress, carry out serious meanings. Followed the development of all walks of life, the demands on stamping equipment progress, was born under the setting of the hydraulic press is intelligent product, can very good satisfied development needs, we invent more benefits.
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