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Small amount of hydraulic presses compression smooth transmission is an advantage

by:Ragos     2021-06-13
Developed hydraulic presses chose with double infinite loop servo system control method, high degree of humanization, the entire active, intelligent and strong function, hydraulic presses, hydraulic skills and influence skills as a modern transmission and manipulation of the end of one of the key life skills, has become a industrial machinery, construction machinery and the world's top products not grounded in important skills shortage. Are they to the initiative, high precision, high efficiency, high speed, miniaturization, lightweight direction to develop key skills. Industrial hydraulic industrial developed countries will be listed as a competition to carry out the profession, its development speed is far higher than that of mechanical industry develops quickly. Hydraulic components and control has become integrated hydraulic engineering skills. Mechanical manufacture is for the national economy departments and itself skills improvement supply advanced equipment industry. Casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, and cutting machine is produced to obtain the blank forming products, industrial and mechanical functions of the important progress parts produced, in a lot of metal cold and hot working machine equipment in using hydraulic skills, in the press and metal cutting machine tool is widely used hydraulic skills early. In the car, milling, planing, grinding, drilling and all kinds of hydraulic machine, the first use of hydraulic skills can be carried out within the wider scale stepless speed regulation, have outstanding reversing and exchange function, cyclic strengths such as easy to end homework, end of the workpiece and tool clamping, control of feed speed and drive spindle operation, although modern nc machine tools, machining center and other advanced production equipment selected electrical servo system, but still choose hydraulic transmission and control is the important way of modern metal cutting machine tool active. Hydraulic transmission strength is stable in hydraulic transmission equipment, because the deflation of the hydraulic oil quantity is very small, under pressure from general can think cannot squeeze, relying on the follow-up activities to drive the oil. Oil has the vibration absorbing ability, can also be set in the oil hydraulic buffer device, and therefore not as mechanical oscillation caused by fabrication and installation error can touch buckle, make driving very smooth, easy to end of the reversing frequently; So it is widely used in demanding smooth transmission machinery, such as grinding machine can choose all the hydraulic transmission. Light quality small hydraulic transmission compared with mechanical, electrical and other transmission way, under the condition of the same output power, can cut a lot of product and quality, thus inertia small, action adjustable; The active control of hydraulic copying, hydraulic and reduce the quality of machines, is particularly important. For example our country produce 1 m excavator after the selection of hydraulic transmission, than when choosing mechanical transmission quality reduced. 1 t. Can carry large hydraulic transmission has made a lot of force and torque, easy and is widely used in limit machine, tunnel boring machine, their shipyard ship steering engine and ten thousand tons of hydraulic press, etc. Simple end stepless speed regulation in hydraulic transmission, regulate the flow of fluid end can be stepless speed, depth and velocity on a big scale, 2000:1, is very simple to achieve extremely low speed. Easy to end overload in the maintenance of the hydraulic system to take a lot of security measures to maintain, can take the initiative to prevent overload, prevent hair seeing hydraulic components can active lubrication for hydraulic oil as working medium, can take the initiative to the lubrication of the hydraulic transmission equipment, and components using a long service life. Simple messy end hydraulic transmission can be achieved when the action of all sorts of messy mechanical action, such as copying lathe, CNC milling machine, hydraulic profiling tool slide is hydraulic work station, can work out parts of irregular shape. Simplify the organization huade use skills college graduation design of Harbin Institute of Technology ( The paper) Easy to take the initiative to end in the hydraulic system of the liquid pressure, flow and direction is very easy to manipulate, coupled with the electrical equipment, simple end active operation cycle of clutter. Now, hydraulic transmission used in combination machine tools and active online very throughout. 简化组织哈尔滨理工学院( 哈尔滨工业大学) 华德学院技能毕业设计( 论文) 促进积极的完成液压系统、液体压力、流量和方向是非常简单的控制,再加上电器合作,非常简单的操作周期结束混乱的活跃。 如今,液压传动广泛应用于组合机床和活跃的线。
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