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Single punch or die without mandatory law

by:Ragos     2021-04-18
Dongguan last week to participate in the inspection and quarantine sunlight hotline, a wholly foreign owned enterprise and ask, sometimes need to import some equipment from abroad, are generally some punch, such as, value about RMB 200000, imported mould at the same time, but these are outside the test directory, then import these devices need compulsory method of inspection? Dongguan inspection and quarantine inspection, which imported goods need compulsory method is what can be treated as complete sets of equipment to solve. According to introducing, about & other; Complete sets of equipment & throughout; Concept, enacted in 1993, the import of complete sets of equipment inspection and appraisal management detailed rules for the implementation of the existing rules, namely the complete production line, complete sets of equipment, facilities, Including engineering and technical transformation projects of complete sets of equipment and facilities and domestic equipment form a complete set of import key equipment of complete sets of equipment) 。 Generally refers to the production, manufacturing, and processing of some kind of energy, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products series mechanical and electrical equipment; It can be a line, a production workshop, a complete plant or plant facilities and has the basic characteristics of production facilities, its value can be from hundreds of thousands of yuan to billions of yuan. Mechanical and electrical equipment can be included in it a few to hundreds of units ( Set) ; Can be a professional equipment item, also can include several, a dozen professional, such as steel, transportation, machinery, electronics, military industry, petroleum, chemical industry, fire ( Water) Power generating, household appliances, food processing, light textile, building decoration, such as equipment, including with the equipment imported auxiliary equipment. According to the & other; Complete sets of equipment & throughout; The concept, which has the function of independent single press brake machine or die does not belong to & other; Complete sets of equipment & throughout; 。 So there is no need to force method.
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