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Shearing machine industry in China is expected to be out of the downward interval

by:Ragos     2021-06-17
As the machine tool market demand increases, growing demand for high grade products, complete sets of into line products continue to improve, demand for manufacturing enterprises is increasing rapidly, at present the national machine tool industry at least 5 m enterprises, mainly in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, several regions, now hear a completely new machine tool plant name is very common, an increasing number of manufacturing enterprises, indeed provides a foundation for the machine tool industry growing, many places are focusing on the leadership of the development of the industry, the famous companies such as sany heavy industry, a new group which are involved in machine tool industry add vitality for the development of the machine tool industry, especially in their marketing strategy on the new idea, the enterprising spirit to take risks, and in constant pursuit of a new technology to promote the adjustment of structure optimization of machine tool industry. Many domestic high-end machine although basic with the high-end product functional requirements of five-axis linkage, car milling compound, such as large size longmen indicators, but is not often shaped like a god, performance couldn't keep up with, in accuracy, speed, static characteristic and dynamic characteristic, reliability & other; there is a big gap with foreign counterparts on the In 2015, China's machine tool industry is expected to be out of the downward interval, the industry overall development situation is expected to flat or slightly increased with that of last year. ” In the conference held in not long ago, China machine tool industry association executive vice President and secretary general Ronald chan said, as demand grows, machine tool industry must speed up to the top, can get rid of the declining trend of development.
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