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Shearing machine according to the instruction form classification of fault

by:Ragos     2021-04-18
(1) has appeared to take the problem manifest nc machine tool fault can be divided into light and appear appear two things: 1) Manifest light alarm light alarm refers to a status indicator lights on the control system of each unit ( Generally consists of the LED tube or a small light) In the process of repair, eliminate problems should really isolated these lights that conditions. 2) Show device appeared alarm is able to manifest after CNC machine alarm alarm and alarm information. Which is produced by CNC machine tools manufacturer set of PLC alarm message text, due to the side of the machine tool fault. Analyzes that the principle of profiling method and PLC program analysis method is the first method of handling no alarm appeared problems. However in produce practice operations, and will bring about a variety of common trouble, the onset of each title will have its place of origin, we can always find traced its processing method. In the precise processing good machine after-sales service headings, ties of nc machine tools is a modern manufacturing equipment, to a large extent affects the equipped with the development of manufacturing industry. It can produce controlled machine tool manufacturers & supply by other Machine tool repair manual & throughout; Conclude that something wrong with the attacks. CNC system can appear alarm, dozens of less, many thousands of, it is an important information of fault diagnosis. On the basis of general practice, electrical control system problems generally fall into & other; Weak current & throughout; The trouble and & other High voltage & throughout; Problem two kinds big, & other; Weak current & throughout; Part refers to the control system is given priority to with electronic components, integrated circuit control part. Common problem first host are: 1) Due to the improper mechanical parts installation, commissioning, operation using such as causes of mechanical transmission problem 2) Because of guide rail, main shaft of the moving parts such as do, the past caused big problem 3) Due to the damage of the mechanical parts, joint caused bad temper, and so on host's wrong with the primary performance of transmission noise big, poor processing precision of bending machine, large running resistance, the mechanical parts movement does not damage, mechanical parts and so on. Smooth, hydraulic and pneumatic system of pipeline blocking and sealed, is a common cause of host attack problem. Because of the numerical control system with strong self diagnosis function commonly, diagnosis software system of hypothesis and show circuit operation is normal, once the system problem, on the number to appear on to alarm and fault information revealed text. The use of accurate and carefully protection are important measures to eradicate or prevent wrong with attack.
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