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Selection of punch die and skills

by:Ragos     2021-04-30
A lot of people doing pipe material, building material, doors and Windows processing industry will face a lot of headaches, an intact doors and Windows, or other equipment, whether it is how to connect, need the sample of the equipment to create a beautiful and practical products, many manufacturers will be thinking of first need to a punch equipment, because of the specifications of the tubing greatly, small punch can be completed, then the doors and Windows above the pipe in some holes, we need to complete the equipment, then to explain. First of all, we do need to punching equipment, doors and Windows products such as: press brake machine automatic press brake machine, etc. , then we need to mold, for some people don't understand mould, just think this is a small product, but the mold involves the good and bad points, as well as the material, production usage, punching mould are generally according to customer need specifications set order and production order, some pipes, there are size, thickness, pipe length, such as pipe size is irregular, generally in the production of mould, customers provide the best manufacturer some pipes, so according to the tube is the best mold production. Mould, has high in above the market price is low, with hundreds of the thousands or even tens of thousands of all have, however, each manufacturer production material used in the mould is different also, price low to tall, customers need to be treated with caution, a good pair of mould can be used a few years is not bad, a mold material is poor, a month may rot, then how should we view the mould material on the inside. DC53 as mould industry is one of the best material of inside material, at the same time is also expensive, generally small-scale production workshop will not use this material, DC53 after 1040 ℃ after quenching and 520 ~ 530 ℃ high temperature tempering, the hardness HRC can reach 62 ~ 63 degrees, is the tallest of the mold heat treatment material, according to industry standards, all the mold must be after heat treatment in order to use, but a heat treatment equipment machine are millions, many manufacturers can choose outsourcing, or do not use heat treatment production, this mould we called ( No fire mould) Easy to rotten. So people on the outside of the industry how to distinguish a mold material, actually very simple, so we can see material surface, the other can take the hammer, hammer die Angle, such as mold smashing Angle, or the horn side dents, then prove that the material quality is very common, a good material, is a knock, percussive drill will not rot, secondly, we can't afford to use your mould material, you can choose the material behind the DC53, SKD11 material, the material quality with DC53 still some distance, but the material of high temperature heat treatment are up to 50 ~ 60 degrees, the price is much cheaper than DC53, also USES the import high speed steel production is completed, the material is suitable for the public, but also to use mould.
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