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Open type punch grinding, grinding before the top hole

by:Ragos     2021-03-23
Fine top hole, open press brake machine grinding with iron top and grinding machine on top, in a grinding out of adjustment, and then, use this top installed on the grinding machine with cone hole, cast iron grinding workpiece center hole. Such grinding out of the top hole, open punch can ensure the cone Angle and top grinding machine together, and after grinding workpiece center hole axis and the axis of the grinding machine between top are also common. The practice proved: open top hole punching workpiece after grinding through this method, the open punch cylindrical appearance that processing, roundness, coaxiality error can be reduced to zero. 001-0. 002 mm. Open type press brake machine grinding, grinding before the top hole. This is because by turning processing center hole would wear, perhaps after heat treatment, open press center hole contains impurities such as scale. Make precision drops open press practice proves that the open punch when grinding workpiece roundness and alignment error keeps changing. Because most of the top hole accuracy is not enough. Open type press center hole grinding, general with deep throat press high strength cast iron bed, open press speed is 200 - 400 r/min. In the beginning, with 100 alumina powder, first switch to W14 - eventually W20 corundum powder. Deep throat press in this way open top hole punch grinding, coarse degree of small, high precision, appearance but open punch grinding for a long time. With open press brake machine carbide tipped top crowded to grind on the lathe, as long as a few seconds can end. The roughness of the open type press center hole can arrive. Therefore, it is a common way to open punch. But how much poorer shape of deep throat punch holes, and the open punch larger top hole, because the crowded area is too large, the temperature rise, it will collapse. The combination of both to use effect is better. Such as demands for high precision open small punch roughness of the top hole, can use hard alloy extrusion research first, then top with cast iron fine grind, open punch is conducive to the progress of productivity.
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