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Open type punch cylindrical turning cutting force static stiffness

by:Ragos     2021-03-23
Open punching workpiece is an elastic system, system of mechanical press, the static stiffness against the load on the system caused by the deformation of talents, hydraulic press to a great extent, influences the open punch press machining technology process, deep throat press system in cutting force and other deformation under external force to make the shape of the workpiece and scale change. CNC press brake machine press process system of static stiffness with stiffness coefficient of the I show. Hydraulic press is equal to the component perpendicular to the direction of processing appearance P, and the tool cutting edge in the same direction in deep throat press about the ratio of the displacement of workpiece y, units for cattle/mm. Marks the system stiffness coefficient of elastic nature. Open type press only consider fixed load conditions. And stiffness should not only consider the system flexibility nature, also want to consider using conditions. When open punch using condition changes, stiffness values will change. Thus, judge system static stiffness by experimental method, system should accept the load approximate son of load in the application. When role ZhaoEr a force, for example, the open press brake machine cylindrical turning cutting force are P1, P2, P3 according to the nature of static stiffness and stiffness with force and displacement calculation. In fact, P1 and P2 scale the influence of the shape, the metal parts is generally small. Still use P3 accounting. Type of y is a direction, if the direction of the deformation and forces in the opposite direction, will probably be & other Negative stiffness & throughout; 。 Open this kind of circumstance, can happen when the press brake machine press end milling cutter machining open punch on the blade by the three forces together (P1, P2, P3, point displacement will not without processing appearance & other; Chew throughout the &; Metal, i. e. displacement along the major axis is not up.
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