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Open punching parts on a surface processing

by:Ragos     2021-03-23
Can sometimes have several ways can arrive. Such as processing a roughness in Ra3. 2 - Ra1。 6 plane, can choose cutter, cutting or grinding. Must be from the production, when choosing open punch factory equipment status, skill levels, open punching technological experience analysis comparison, choose the reasonable processing methods, such as pneumatic press brake machine navigation instrument at the top of the main box is a square annular surface, generally choose the milling processing, the quality is outstanding. Open punch another possible planer is more, some factories use planing processing can be. Open press brake machine shaping processing tool, of course, many idle and high impact, open press will lower the yield surface vertical lathe has the potential to a factory, open type punch processing navigation instrument main carrying a box on the vertical lathe, it's good quality, and make full use of the workshop equipment, it is also reasonable. Open punching machining method selection, must also be adapted to production scale. Graphic processing, for example, open press brake machine to produce often select milling, sheet small batch production planing, and produce a lot of open type press can choose broaching or grinding. Open punching parts on the appearance of different skills more, needs to pick different open punch processing method. The precision of the open type press appearance gal who repeatedly. Such as the bolt hole on the box body, low accuracy, Ease of tolerance) And the roughness is greater than the Ra6. 3, by using a drill out, his body fatigue is a pin hole, the accuracy for ling, roughness Ra0 right. 8, it needs to choose open press arrive bore drilling DE a dumpling technology talents.
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