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Must comply with the safety production rules of mechanical press

by:Ragos     2021-03-20
Mechanical press with high speed, high pressure characteristics, so choose press brake machine for blanking, forming surely necessary to abide by the safety rules. 1. Exposed to the outside of the compressor driving part, it is necessary to shield equipment, stop in the case of unload shield driving or trial. 2. Should see top fastening screws before driving any loose, die crack, operation organization, active suspension equipment, clutch, brake is normal, smooth system with and without blocking or lack of oil. Open the run-in test when necessary. 3. Equipment mould is necessary to turn the slider to the bottom dead center, height is necessary to correct, try to avoid eccentricity load; Mold is necessary to tighten and reliable, and through the test to see. 4. Attention to meet at work, it is forbidden to hand and what objects into the risk zone. Small must use special thing, Tweezers or feeding group) To operate. Mould stuck billet, only apply to things to get rid of. 5. Found abnormal press work or have abnormal sound, ( Such as combo crackling sound, Should stop feeding, check the reason. If it is moving parts are loose loose, operating equipment failure, mold and the imperfect, parking should be repaired. 6. After each rush & ndash; Is an artifact, hands or feet is necessary from a button or pedal, to avoid the wrong operation. 7. When two or more people operate, should a person driving, pay attention to the harmonious cooperate well. Before coming off work should be fell on mould, disconnect the power supply, and make the necessary cleaning. 机械压力机高速、高压特点,因此选择冲孔落料,形成必要的安全规则必须遵守。
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