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Most people use to punch prejudice parsing

by:Ragos     2021-04-02
In many industries demand for CNC punch press set decoration equipment is more and more big, such as hardware, automotive, instrumentation and other industries. in the meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises ( Small and medium-sized enterprises) Rotating machinery is set up by punch price of multi-station nc punch mould research subject. There is a case to illustrate the development of CNC punch press bias: here is a coherent CNC press brake machine features: utility model press released a CNC turret punch press and high precision rotation mode, press system of upper die and lower die system installed a stiletto installation company, respectively by a pair of synchronous motor drive worm gear and worm drive mechanism; Die installation system transmission group to identify, rotating set together in synchronous rotation of the worm gear and worm drive installed mobilization, by installing the difference in transmission set set control set in the Settings and rotating or meshing condition each other, so as to complete rotation mould and mould CNC turret punch press coaxial, high precision, arbitrary Angle synchronous rotation. New design of deep throat punch to expand the function of CNC turret punch press, completed the arbitrary Angle of Hong Kong Chong cutting, improve punch obedience and use a mold that is multi-purpose; Tilting press brake machine punching machine structure is reasonable, cost-effective, easy operation and movement. 1, a kind of CNC turret press brake machine press, and high precision rotation mode, departments, and departments of the upper punch die on system department in the second half of the lower die system respectively installed a by a synchronous motor drives, make fluctuation and synchronous rotation of the worm gear and worm drive mechanism, whose character is: the upper die punching machine factory of transmission setup, including rotational position seating, perforation, and the lower die system, including a concave die in rotating sleeve, sleeve, transmission Settings; Worm gear and worm drive mechanism is firm and perforation saddle, worm gear and identify installed in transmission is set up and down up and down; Convex die and concave die identify installed in press brake machine and rotating sleeve, rotary sleeve and sleeve installation of CNC turret punch press, wheels, driver installation of rotator cuff tear, through dial installed in transmission and control is the other party, or poor meshing state.
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