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More details of hydraulic pendulum shearing machine operation procedures

by:Ragos     2021-06-05
used for cutting material thickness for machine ratings of various sheet metal materials, and it is necessary to be a block is no welding joining together of new information. Machine tool below small make up today say about hydraulic press brake machine operation procedures need to be aware of more details: 1. The use of hydraulic shearing machine, 1) Try to cut different thickness sheet metal from thin to thick, understand hydraulic plate shears blade function. ( 2) Try to cut when different thickness of different blade gap adjustment is necessary. ( 3) Operation of the hydraulic brake type shearing machine blade, such as noise, should stop to see. ( 4) With hydraulic equipment equipment, in addition to save a felling to calls to other hydraulic valve adjustment. ( 5) Hydraulic plate shears blade open pressure gauge switch, in the process of shearing investigation oil pressure value. ( 6) Operation progress tank temperature & lt; 60 degrees, more than when power off to have a rest. 2. The rules of operating the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine ( 1) The operator is necessary to understand the structure and function of the machine. ( 2) Check the quantity of oil storage tank should be sufficient. ( 3) Banning shear composite sheet, banning trim flash the edge of the sheet metal, banning shear pressure no tight narrow sheet and short material. ( 4) Clearance between the blade should be adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet metal. ( 5) Should regularly check the sharp edge, such as found the blade should be timely exercise or swap, blunt blades of temper, only the thickness of the mill knife; ( 6) Shear, pressure equipment material should be firmly ground pressure tight sheet, banning in shear under pressure is not tight state. ( 7) Installed on the oil pump suction mouth of net oil filter should be often to see clean, keep the oil filter should be oil, if oil filter blockage, tong oil decreases, and makes the oil pump suction empty, affect the service life of oil pump; ( 8) Finally under the knife on the plate on the bearing should be on. 剪切机是用于各种金属板厚度的数据机床的额定值,和需要一个整体的新数据没有被焊接在一起。 太平洋机床今天小系列下面关于液压剪切操作程序需要注意更多的细节。
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