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Metal cutting processing cutting tool and the workpiece during the process of interaction between

by:Ragos     2021-04-05
Metal cutting processing cutting tool and the workpiece during the process of interaction between and their change law is a discipline. In the design of machine tools and cutting tools, cutting process of making machine parts and norm, reasonably use and control cutting tool and machine tool cutting process, all want to use the principle of metal cutting research achievements, make the machine parts processing to achieve the purpose of economy, high quality and high efficiency. In general, metal cutting means cutting steel and cast iron. However, in today's workshop, we are faced with some other materials, such as stainless steel, iron and the iron base ( Such as titanium alloys) Heat resistant alloy and high temperature alloy, etc. These materials and there are big differences between the traditional steel, which embodies the true meaning of hard machining. Machinability shows that the understanding of a material to the difficulty of the low cost of processing, it is through the comparison with the reference material after it is concluded that the average score. The numerical value shows that the chip formation, cutting force, temperature and tool wear and workpiece quality of potential problems. We used general machinability is regarded as a kind of material properties, it depends on all the factors involved in the process of metal cutting, including five basic material properties had a great influence on workability, adhesive, strain hardening, thermal conductivity, hardness and wear resistance. When the material adhesion tend to be higher, you need to use the toughness good cutting tool material and specific coating. Cutting speed should be improved. For easy to serious work hardening ( Deformation hardening) The material, need to use a cutting edge sharp knives. Cutting speed may vary, but feeding should be increased. If the thermal conductivity of materials is low, the cutting tool material should have high red hardness. Cutting speed and feed should be limited. There is no doubt that hard workpiece materials need to use more hard tool materials. In general, feed and cutting depth are need to keep the medium level. Wear resistance of the workpiece material need to use the high wear resistance of cutting tool materials. Utilization rate of cutting process must adapt to cutting or cutting efficiency to be the case.
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