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Maintenance mechanical shearing machine before and after the use of the method

by:Ragos     2021-06-06
Q11 mechanical press brake machine USES to resist key clutch structure form and open gear transmission, mechanical press brake machine and USES the advanced appliances ( Foot switch, manual switch) Convenient operation, low noise operation and maintenance. Adopts full steel welding structure, simple structure, convenient operation, aesthetically pleasing, low energy consumption. Widely used in metallurgy, light industry, machinery, hardware, machinery, electrical appliances, motor maintenance, hardware manufacturing and other sheet metal processing industry. Q11 mechanical press brake machine working principle and structure: plate shears used to cut a straight line on the edge of the sheet blank. Shear process should be able to guarantee the cut sheet shear on the surface of the linear and parallel degree requirements, and to minimize the plank distortion, in order to obtain high quality of the workpiece. A, this machine is made by cast iron, cast using pedal, by connecting rod and spring, work, very well. This Q11 mechanical shearing machine commonly used in hardware, electrical appliances, color tile and thin plate cutting material. Suitable for sheet metal cold, cold cut. Three, it is composed of head, head, left, right under the wall and left and right slide and the foot part, is made up of rod spring, foot pedals. Fourth, before use, to keep the machine balance, often filling, keep oil cup have oil, so that lubrication, work with light. 2, according to the lubrication chart before every boot time, fixed point, quantitative add lubricating oil, oil should be clean and no precipitation. 4, inside the motor bearing lubrication oil overflow to change regularly, and regularly check the safe and reliable electrical parts work is normal. 5, regularly check the v belt, handles, knobs, buttons, if damaged, badly worn should be replaced in a timely manner, and spare parts. 7, before coming off work for 10 minutes a day, for scrubbing machine lubrication and cleaning machine.
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