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Know about the punch press slider driving structure of different classification

by:Ragos     2021-05-29
Believe that we all don't feel unfamiliar to punch, but we understand the classification of the press brake machine? The following will introduce you to our press according to the classification of the slider drive structure. 1, crankshaft, punch. Who use the crankshaft press called crank press, this type of stamping practical made cutting, twists and turns, stretching temperature, hot casting, casting, cold room between casting and other all punching processing. 2, screw press. Within the framework of the slider drive using spiral organizers called screw press. 3, the toggle type punch. This press brake machine right in tightening of stamping processing and finishing, such as processing, today's cold room casting using very much, on the slider drive using the toggle the organizers called the toggle type punch. 4, crankshaft, punch. No crankshaft type press is also called the eccentric gear type press, press brake machine structure of eccentric gear shaft rigidity, smooth surface, maintenance, etc is superior to the crankshaft structure, minicomputer and high-speed cutting, such as the crank press and the category with a punch press. 5, the connecting rod type punch. Use all kinds of connecting rod organization within the framework of the slider driven press called connecting rod type press, the punch press since the ancient times have been used for deep drawing of cylindrical container, a narrow bed mesa, and is used in car body panel processing, the wide bed mesa. 6, the CAM type punch. Using CAM organization within the framework of the slider drive for press called CAM punch. Characteristic of manufacture of the CAM shape, in order to easily obtain slider activity curve. In addition to the above described several kinds of classification, and conflict type press, rack type press, but these two punch is now using less now, if we want to know more about punching machine, welcome to the numerical control machine tool company in consulting, there is always a large fit you.
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