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Intuitive understanding of the working principle of punching machine

by:Ragos     2021-01-23
Press is a kind of initiative in the machine tool with program control system. Can be used for all kinds of sheet metal parts processing, one-time active over a variety of mixed and disorderly groove and shallow stretch forming, active processing according to the requirement of different scales and pitch of holes in different shapes. How much do you know the punching operation principle? Understand don't understand? Let us through dynamic figure to intuitive understanding once! Principle: the process control system is controlled by the logic with code or other symbols directive rules of procedures, and its decoding, so that the press brake machine movement and machining parts. Processing method 1) Single shot: completion of single punching, contains the line spread, arc spreading, circumferential spread, grid hole punching. 2) Same direction of successive cutting: using the method of rectangular stack mold parts processing, able to carry on the processing of long hole, trimming, etc. 3) Of the successive cutting direction: apply small mold machining method of large hole. 4) Eat: using small circular die with small interval were to strike arc processing method. 5) Single forming: according to the mold shape a shallow stretch forming processing method. 6) After forming, molding than mould scale forming method, such as large scale roll shutter, rolled steel, processing methods, such as the steps. 7) Array shape: on the big board processing more than the same or different workpiece machining method. Dynamic graph display: round hole punching & # 160; Group of hole punching & # 160; Circular workpiece turns and twists the & # 160; Pendulum block artifact winding & # 160; Simple stretch forming & # 160; The whole stamping process & # 160; Ladder was a twist of artifacts & # 160; Type bending workpiece turns after winding mould animation & # 160;
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