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Inspection of electrical system of punching machine is introduced

by:Ragos     2021-06-23
1 mark shape on the electrical cabinet shall conform to the standard stipulated in the black, yellow, black lightning logo, signs shall be fixed tightly. 2 inspection work station of the panel to execute button is consistent with work station of symbols, words, button is flexible, accurate and reliable. 3 inspection, control circuits and protective grounding circuit of ac or dc line color is to distinguish and meet the national standards. 4 test motor corresponding circuit breaker choose whether there is reasonable; The corresponding thermal relay choose whether there is reasonable; 5 test electric line is reasonable, each at the ends of the wire number is clear and complete line terminal row with the same line as the attachment number tags, are consistent. 6 all attachment, protective earthing line connection should be firm specification, did not become loose, fall off, and with sufficient margin length. The installation of all electrical components must be firm and reliable, and have some spare space. 8 in electric cabinet all circuits and components are fixed and neat rows, all fasteners loose phenomenon. When motor overload, fault indicator lamp whether hint; PLC failure, failure indicator is prompt. Each part of the 10 corresponding limit switch can be accurately limit; Whether can cut off the total power 11 abrupt stop button.
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