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Industrial robot into the machine tool industry analyzes the merits and demerits

by:Ragos     2021-06-18
Industrial robot market has pulled open the curtain, the robot is the demand of the market is about to erupt into period, China's potentially huge market demand on the horizon, the machine tool enterprises to enter the investment prospects in the field of robot. Hope can speed up the pace of domestic manufacturing enterprise, make foreign Denver's competitors can feel strong pressure, instead of how to use this opportunity. Behind the machine tool industry enterprises to enter the robot, in addition to the activation of Labour shortages, and for no other reason? Industrial robots can replace the current increasingly expensive labor, at the same time can improve work efficiency and product quality. Learned, foxconn robots can undertake production of precision parts assembly task, more alternative artificial in poor working environments, such as spraying, welding, assembly work, and can combine with CNC ultra-precision machine tools such as iron manufacturing mold, improve the production efficiency, replace part of unskilled workers. , to say the use of industrial robots can reduce the rejection rate and the product cost, improve the utilization rate of the machine tool and reduce the risk of workers wrong operation with defective parts, etc. , it brings a series of benefits is also very obvious, such as reducing artificial dosage, reduce the loss of machine tool, to speed up technological innovation and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, etc. Robots have the ability to perform various tasks, especially in high-risk task, on average 60000 hours, fault interval automation technology more advanced than the traditional. Using industrial robot has the following advantages: first, to improve labor conditions gradually improve the production efficiency; Second, strengthen and controllable production ability, speed up product upgrading; Third, improve the processing ability of parts and products quality. Fourth, eliminate dull work, saving labor; Fifth, to provide a safer working environment, reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the labor risk; Sixth, improve machine utilization; Seventh, decreases the workload and reduce the production process time and inventory; Eighth, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. In the face of global competition situation, the manufacturers in the use of industrial robot technology to help production reasonably priced quality products. A company want to get one or more competitive advantages, to realize the automatic robot production will be one of effective means to promote the development of the business. Industrial robot automation production line of complete sets of equipment in developed countries has become the mainstream of automation equipment and the development direction of the future. Foreign automotive industry, electronic industry, engineering machinery and other industries have extensive use of industrial robot automation production line to ensure product quality and production efficiency. Is a typical large complete sets of equipment have cars shell stamping automation technology and complete sets of equipment, large robot body welding automation technology and complete sets of equipment, electronic appliances, such as flexible automatic robot. Costume and complete set technology and testing equipment, engine, gearbox assembly robot automation system technology of complete sets of equipment and sheet metal laser tailor-welded complete sets of equipment.
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