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Increased difficulties of police law enforcement Beijing shows determination to maintain Hong Kong rule of law

by:Ragos     2021-04-06
In recent years, the rally in Hong Kong, there are more and more impact phenomenon of the police, challenge the right of police, police law enforcement. For high praise zhang dejiang, disciplined services in Hong Kong said. The police officer Chen Zuguang, 'association, said the police law enforcement more difficult in recent years, zhang dejiang, speech is a kind of encouragement to police. Immigration, director of the President of the association of NiXi water also think, zhang dejiang, the disciplined services performance for certain, prove that the central concern of their work. Mrs IP, said zhang dejiang met Mr Countries and the five disciplined services is head & other Innovation & throughout; Next year, she also revealed that there are the frontline officers worry & other; The occupation of central & throughout; During the two sides become thankless sandwich, thus I central government leaders for their & other; Cheer & throughout; 。 Scholar James sung, city university of Hong Kong, said zhang dejiang abnormality is met and disciplinary forces chief, Mr Countries are extremely rare, according to the central attaches great importance to the political stability of Hong Kong; If produce & other; The occupation of central & throughout; Sports, responsible for internal security bureau of public security and order management in Hong Kong and subordinate disciplined services all have important roles, meeting the central forces on high alert, insist on discipline is to & other; Accounted for in & throughout; Have a strong signal that the central does not encourage & other; Accounted for in & throughout; 。
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