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In what ways whether standard inspection punch

by:Ragos     2021-05-26
the inspection work is in order to determine whether the equipment in accordance with the normal technical indicators, in general, machine tool equipment inspection is mainly refers to the accuracy of inspection, only through to the accuracy of machine tools and coordinate to carry out the inspection accuracy, brilliant reflect the manufacturing precision of the device itself. So, the precision of the punch test what all does that include? JB21 - 160 tons of steel plate press brake machine punch accuracy test including the following aspects of content: 1, the degree of integrity. Take a ruler, Calibrated and the width of the steel ball to parry the clock table) At both ends of the central and coordinates bed, whose hands table to measure the before and after the wind and the maximum error has the wind. 2, positive ( Straight) Point of view. Bed put square, the central coordinates and whose hands on the table in the slide, the slide up and down, to measure the maximum error. 3, parallel. Will slide in the coordinates, then put the clock table in bed on the stage, again before and after the wind and the wind successively measure the maximum error. 4, combined aperture. In thousands kg jumps to machine core, slide bucai dead center, the clock table in the slide background, thousands of kilograms of top pressure micro pressure ShuaGan seat up to scale, in order to measure its maximum error. 5, to touch, Head) Bing hole and slide the bottom of the straight Angle. To touch, Head) Bing hole for the baseline, whose hands put in slide bottom rotary table, in order to measure before and after the wind and the maximum error of the wind. Above is from the aspects of precision press brake machine to check whether the equipment standard is introduced, the content of the user equipment when the choose and buy must be caused take seriously.
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