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In view of the machine tool equipment automation technology numerical control system development

by:Ragos     2021-02-11
CNC bending machine 】 According to the development of numerical control system of machine tool equipment automation level with the rapid development of nc system, manufacturers in machine tool equipment automation technology standard will become more and more high. Intelligent manufacturing way for production equipment filed a higher demand, the past bending machine in the special tool for multichannel bending process at that time, the need to do more directly to the whole batch of workpiece bending, it will need to constantly for refueling work from top to bottom, productivity is very low. And controlled by CNC system, block material and stroke control could be carried out, the bulk of the artifacts can also continuously to do more than bending, but also can ensure that the same batch of product has high forming precision, the same will cause the production out of the same batch of products have a high uniformity, can also greatly improve the production efficiency, advantaged development prospects. CNC bending machine the essence is the bending of sheet metal CNC bending machine die casting mold, the mold consists of stents, workbench and clamping plate, according to the cause of pressure plate to coil electricity gravity, and then complete the pressure plate and base plate clamped between each other. Due to choose the way the electromagnetic clamping, prompting clamp in accordance with the provisions of the special artifacts in making, easy to use, and can be for production and processing with lateral wall of the workpiece. Today's CNC bending machine, in the numerical control system, the application of CAD and CAPP is developing rapidly, and its flexibility level CNC bending machine in contemporary forming of sheet metal production and processing has very important effect and limit the development of future. Facing the new situation of the machine tool industry in 2018, believed that CNC bending machine is bound to get better development, better for manufacturers to improve production efficiency, promote the progress of the machine tool industry.
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