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In the use of grooving machine matters needing attention

by:Ragos     2021-06-20
1, the two-cylinder gasoline engine, super power can speed up the construction and the construction efficiency, avoiding the phenomenon of uneven slot or breach; 2, the dual filter configuration of patent technology and tertiary air filter, filter system with double filtration unit and turning plate filter, increase the air cleanliness, prevent engine inhalation of dust, and reduce engine wear, extend engine life; 3, engine, provide stable power, reduce the vibration. 4, fast emergency brake switch, stop system can effectively protect the operators. Gently press the stop button, the launch is shut off, stop turning tool in 4 seconds. 5, 60 w lamp, can be used in the gloomy weather safety construction. 6, imported brand senior maintenance free battery, longer life, can be charged during work, more worry, more durable, more quickly; 7 and the use of electric draw stem can regulate grooving tool life; Slot depth indicator to make construction personnel according to the need to control slot depth. 8, crack location tracking indicating needle, guarantee the accuracy of the falling knife, can make the slot machine accurate tracking along the fissures slot to avoid operation error; 9, splash chain length: 140 mm width: splash chain dust-proof plate size: 330 mm & 320 times; 260 mm, which can effectively prevent slotting jobs generated by gravel splash, ensuring the security of the construction work;
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