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Improve the efficiency of CNC bending machine production to improve the precision of bending

by:Ragos     2021-03-09
Improve the efficiency of CNC bending machine production to improve the benefits of ordinary bending precision CNC bending machine is very affect the production efficiency, but also can't satisfy the required accuracy of the existing products; If new add a CNC bending machine cost and higher ordinary bending machine idle at the same time is a waste. To improve the efficiency of bending machine production, improve the precision of bending, and greatly saves the cost. Technical requirements: 1, electrical parts: CNC system: increase the CNC system E210 + suspension arm. Servo system, the original ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor drive with servo motor instead. Electric cabinet: in the case of the original electric box allows inside the electrical box 2 sets of servo drive, circuit breaker, intermediate relay. Can also reconfigure a small electrical box, will increase the components according to the need to make an independent electrical box, as long as it leads to the power supply in an electric box and the increase of the numerical control input and output signals and the new configuration of the electric box can be exchanged. 2, machinery parts: after the file installation servo motor parts processing transition ( Installation size and need to replace the ordinary motor ESTUN servo motor size is different, need to be processed) And reduce the error. 3, the hydraulic system: retains the original hydraulic system, the increase of numerical control system of the original machine tools to the output of the control valve group can flexible assembly.
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