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Improve the casting product profits of water

by:Ragos     2021-06-15
The current crisis after the world has entered the period of the post-crisis era casting products market atrophy, international and domestic competition gradually incline to incandescent, coupled with rising labor costs, raw material prices rising, the influence of prices fell sharply in most of the casting products in China, and so China's foundry industry profits fall. Profit is the most original momentum, loss of profit will be of great enterprise's enthusiasm, thus influence the development of casting industry in China. According to the survey, although the world is casting products market shrink, but cutting part are in the low end of the casting products market, and high-end casting products market demand is more and more strong. As is known to all, China's foundry industry of large capacity mainly concentrated in the low end of the foundry industry, with the domestic and international market demand of casting products seriously, thus cause the whole of China casting products market space narrow, falling profits. Therefore, to promote the sustainable development of China's foundry industry, to improve the level of China's foundry profits, it is necessary to keep up with the change of the world market, adjust the structure of the foundry industry, mid-range casting product capacity into high-end casting products production capacity, to help China's foundry industry to open the market situation, restore and improve the level of China's foundry profits.
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