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Improve high-speed punch press stiffness and precision of the improvements

by:Ragos     2021-03-08
1, not directly with the crank large-scale stamping pieces of cohesion, but with the quality level of cohesion in the sliding movement of relatively small inertia force caused by internal force is not so small, deputy director of the rolling conflict, the conflict of the heat is small, then progress to the precision of the high speed press brake machine. 2, use your body press brake machine slider cohesion ( In addition to guide) Is made up of connecting rod and slider to end, the kinematic chain short, tilting press brake machine and movement to connect to the two vice deputy vice, rotate and move the other high-speed press brake machine, at least, is commonly after three rotation to end, in contrary to the invention of spin move to vice substitution better rigidity. 3, stamping rather than scrolling vice using mobile after sliding pieces and subject to the lever to the level of the slider load, has better rigidity. 4, a week after mechanism design can make the crankshaft, arrived in the next two stamping die slider bearing, double to complete the trip, this time the speed of the crank slide block organization cut to half its original part, after falling speed greatly reduce movement of punch factory is a part of the inertia force, then easier to complete balance.
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