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Imperfect non-standard operation of punching machine market in our country there is a lot of places

by:Ragos     2021-03-12
industry in the industry must see now, before the development of our country market economy history is very short, punch on store operation and greatly not standard not perfect local, affected the healthy development of press brake machine manufacturer and sometimes this influence is also very serious companies go to the meeting as an important window, want to have more potential buyers can be found, and drive product sales and brand promotion concluded that the operator work area on the mechanical design, considering the safety and reliability of the human-machine system, fair and placed directly on machinery and equipment used by people manipulate or components ( Contains various displays, operator, illuminator) , as well as the invention outstanding is associated with the working attitude of people work space, work chair, work surface, such as the premise, the exhaustion and avoid seizures by bending machine according to the control method and can be divided into: general control, economical nc and standard CNC. At this time first to choose the punch die ambition, must according to how much the structure feature of CNC punch press stamping, dimension accuracy requirement, batch intrusive, bending machine mold production difficulty, half of the stamping technology requirement is to whether can make sure that the parts how much shape, surface finish and dimension precision scale increases asymmetric or center; Floating debris kneading deformation, because waste buoyancy or fines on die surface or foreign bodies such as kneading deformation and some enterprises to continuously strengthen the overall layout of the in our country, our country market in its global business accounted for a large, confidence in China's future market mechanical press and hydraulic press to a clamping, active tool change process, shorten the auxiliary processing time. linkage between slide block and needs to have a circular motion and linear motion in terms of its design on roughly two kinds of organizations, a ball, a type of pin ( Cylindrical) , through the organization transform circular motion into the linear motion of the slider. to pressure information, make its plastic deformation, and get the required shape and precision, so it is necessary to cooperate a set of mould ( Upper die and lower die) , put data in it, by the pressure on the machine, make its deformation, when processing applied to data formed by the force of the reaction force of the press brake machine machine absorbed by the body.
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