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If hydraulic punching machine USES frequency conversion motor can save electricity?

by:Ragos     2021-05-21
Hydraulic presses variable frequency motor is refers to the environmental conditions in the specification, with 100% extra load in 10% ~ 100% extra string running speed scope, temperature rise will not surpass the motor calibration of the permissible value. The frequency conversion motor will have the effect of energy saving in operation? Can save electricity mainly is to look at the hydraulic press operating condition. If you are running at full capacity, without frequency conversion is the same. But do the same power, the use of single-phase and three-phase 380 v, 220 on electricity charge standard, the former is to save money, The single-phase 220 power is generally small, the same power under the condition of current is larger than 380) 。 Total pressure hydraulic press brake machine motor launch, because of the motor torque needed, from the grid to absorb additional 7 times of motor current, and large currents (waste of electricity, to shake the grid voltage harm is very big also, increase the line loss and damage. Choose soft launch, from 0 - a current - Additional motor current, reduce the current impact on grid, save electricity, also reduced the launch inertial impact the great inertia of the rotating speed of the equipment, prolong the service life of the equipment.
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