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German famous machine tool enterprises on technical exchanges with China's machine tool manufacturers

by:Ragos     2021-06-18
Yesterday, the German machine tool manufacturers' association ( VDW) With Germany nearly 30 famous top enterprises in chongqing and elegant deiss international hotel hold seminars, and across China machine tool manufacturers, business representatives and user technical exchanges, research advanced technology and efficient processing. The seminar is the association of workshop tour held in China in the first game, 16, 18, two seminars will be held in wuhan and guangzhou. Coming to China to participate in the seminar of Germany's top machine tool manufacturers have Siemens, Shute, waves, DMG, constant wheel, korber to lam, treasure fly beauty egger, screw, capa/resistance, starr raga sea walcott, etc. Among them, the multinational companies both in China for many years, also has not yet to enter the Chinese Germany benchmarking enterprises. The company field shows the latest technology, and market demand for Chinese application to carry out the discussion and communication with Chinese customers. German machine tool manufacturers' association, says Dr Fisher, general manager of the workshop aimed at China and Germany machine tool industry interaction and the machinery manufacturing industry to provide communication platform. Chinese organizers said, the German machine tool industry as China's pragmatic cooperation partners, the all-round development of China's industrial to Germany and the rest of the world pay more and more attention to the performance and status of the industry in China. They hope that the seminar can form a good interaction of machine tool industry in both countries, Germany and China for bilateral market opportunity machine tool enterprises and users. Germany is currently the world's third largest producer of machine tool, and its superior machine tool technology, innovative, is a worldwide leader in the machine tool market and export world powers. Last year, China machine imported from Germany or about 2. 3 billion euros.
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