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Ensure the normal working of grooving machine and engine maintenance knowledge useful

by:Ragos     2021-02-13
Because grooving machine body layout is messy, large volume, has brought the usual cleaning must be difficult, so a lot of people ignored the cleaning and maintenance for him. Insist on hydropower grooving machine cleaning, ambitious slot effect can be achieved and to ensure safe operation. Argues that every six months to split slot machine on a very clean, brush with wool to appearance of dust, with the professional washing liquid to the dirt more local clean, and promptly put in dry ventilated place, avoid rust. A slot machine before the engine, to ensure smooth each bearing shell and some other parts to get reasonable smooth, ratio and water temperature rose to 40 ℃ - after launch Start work again when 50 ℃, and long-term overloaded work is prohibited. After winter closed slot machine, and water temperature dropped to 40 ℃ - 50 ℃, cooling water net 牗, write antifreeze. Ordinary users demand attention to useful maintenance of the engine, to ensure that the slot machine is an outstanding work. Pay attention to regular surveys, regular check, found that problem, timely cleaning. The company is located in guangzhou huangpu district, covers an area of nearly square meters, with dozens of imported high-precision processing equipment, nearly hundred employees. Guangzhou CNC machinery co. , LTD is a advanced German technology, in China the main production CNC bending machine, CNC planer slot machine and so on the patent products. Professional research, development, production and sales of high-grade CNC sheet metal processing equipment. With perfect quality, exquisite technology, high-grade, high quality service to win the trust and support of customers, and has become the choice of Chinese users. Insisted that users buy felt relieved, with the idea of fun. Company tenet: constantly perfect, scientific and technological innovation. Company principle: quality first, service first. Enterprise culture: quality is the social responsibility is resistant to the eternal management idea, each kind of equipment research and development, design and production of all pay attention to technology innovation, scientific design, precision manufacturing, and in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008, Germany TUV certification) Quality management system control every production process, to ensure that each factory equipment performance and quality. With excellent optical research and development, and original technology innovation and industry leading brand enterprise, and continuously explore and the application potential and application of new technology industries. Practical research and development, sincere service, with staff of high quality, equipment of high performance, and high quality service and meet the needs of industry clients, and the needs of the development of industry.
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