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Electronic information enterprises cluster in huaian

by:Ragos     2021-06-11
Vice mayor DouLiFu said in the BBS, electronic information industry is the key of huaian & other; 4 2' Advantage leading industries, the huaian has introduced electronic information industry development plan, formulate special supporting policies as well as the electronic information industry & other; Investment, financing, talent, service & throughout; Elements such as security system, promote the development of the electronic information industry gather, is committed to building & other; Throughout the country's major electronics manufacturing agglomeration area &; And & other The influential, subei first software information service throughout the highland &; 。 At the same time, he told the huai Taiwan recommendations to the common development of the electronic information industry, namely completes the & other Four docking & throughout; : a good docking countries & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; , the Yangtze river economic belt and other major strategic, and the second to butt up on both sides of the construction of information home appliances industrial park, third, we need good docking market hot spots, four to butt up frontier science and technology. Huaian economic and technological development zone is the main position of huaian electronic information industry development, development zone management committee director TaoGuangHui introduces the three characteristics of the development of the electronic information industry, is a well-known companies become the main body. Since the it industry aircraft carrier & ndash; — Foxconn in 2006, located in development zone, 10 years, successively gathered for electronics, 'ding technology, south, HPC electronic intelligent wire and so on more than 400 electronic information enterprises, more than 120 key enterprises above designated size. Second, the rapidly growing industry. By the end of 2014, the development of electronic information industry output value reached 767. 500 million yuan, covers electronic components, automotive electronics, instrumentation, cable assemblies, etc. More than 100 varieties of industry chain. Three is the more competitive advantage. Have sprung up like foxconn smart TV terminals, the whole machine products, such as high technology content by ding higher order circuit boards, fill the blank of the huaian industry high-end electronic products. At the same time, the r&d of electronic information industry to GDP increase year by year, more than 2% in 2014.
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