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Effective identification of CNC bending machine and the method of sheet metal bending machine

by:Ragos     2021-02-07
CNC bending machine features: 1, the direct programming for Angle, Angle compensation function; 2, grating feet real-time detection feedback correction, full closed loop control; 3, fast clamping device for the upper die, lower die adopt bevel wedge deformation compensation mechanism; Step 4, has the multiplex programming function, can realize more run automatically, complete step multiplex parts one-time processing, improve production efficiency; 5, according to user requirements can be stable performance, compact structure of the imported hydraulic system behind, can choose ball screw, synchronous belt transmission. Sheet metal bending machine full hydraulic sheet metal bending machine, its characteristic is: 1, adopts full steel welding structure, with sufficient strength and rigidity; 2, hydraulic transmission, machine placed on both ends of the cylinder on the slide block, direct drive sliding work; 3, the slider with torsion shaft synchronous mechanism forced synchronization; 4, by using mechanical structure, stable and reliable; 5, stroke motor speed adjustable, manual fine tuning, counter displays. 6, inclined wedge deflection compensation mechanism, to ensure the high precision of bending. Focus on research and development, sales of CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, mechanical shearing machine, CNC machine, CNC turret press brake machine press, CNC laser cutting machine, bending machine, shearing machine high-quality plate processing machine tool and numerical control flying shear line, slitting line contour level rolled plate processing machinery. Fast insist on technology leadership strategy, positioning in the fight for a world class supplier of machinery and equipment and solutions, the company unswervingly walked on the road of innovation, through years of exploration practice, gradually set up a technology center as the main body of research and development system, built a brings together a large number of domestic and foreign first-class technical talents in the field of plate processing machine research and development team. In the service of the company research and development, sales and after-sale various online, for customers to provide quality solutions.
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