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Earth's continued high fever CNC punching processing programming

by:Ragos     2021-04-02
The world meteorological organization and the related meteorological departments in countries such as Britain and America 6, said in a report at the same time, from 2015 to 2018 was the warmest since there are more than 100 years ago the temperature records of four years, of which 2018 is the first SiRe years history. CNC punching processing programming is gold plated parts into a floor plan, in the top of the X, Y coordinates of the quadrant, for each hole) in flat circle coordinate calculation process. In the process of punching processing on the CNC press brake machine press is: part drawing & rarr; Programming & rarr; Program production & rarr; Input manipulation and NC: dou press start button & rarr; Processing. On the CNC press brake machine press punching processing work process characteristics are as follows: ( 1) Stamping sequence from the upper right corner of the start, finished in the top right corner should be from small start, and then the holes, cutting Angle, flanging and lead source, etc. ( 2) Stamping width not less than the very thick and should stop using thin die cutting along the horizontal. ( 3) The same mold don't choose two. ( 4) Generally don't use and gap the same scale of piercing die. ( 5) Don't use rectangular die according to the step in the direction of short edge, because doing so would die because of unbalanced force into edge. ( 6) Implement step blunt, send into space should be greater than of the width of the die. Experts generally believe that human activities lead to increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions is the main cause of global warming, which cause extreme weather events such as heat waves, hurricanes and cold, and cause huge economic losses.
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